So the thing is that, starting next school year, I want to start making SM64 bloopers and machinima if I can. That's kinda half the reason I reserved this wikia, actually. However, I ask you guys this – what's a good blooper without a variety of characters to use? That's why I'm going to be taking RQs for some people's SM64 avatars to be in my bloopers.

What information will I need? Nothing personal, of course. I'll need your preferred screen name (for use in the videos), as well as any nicknames (or shorthand forms of the screen name, which I will likely be using very often). After that, I'll need your gender (if not already obvious); a link to your YouTube channel for reference, if applicable; and – here's the big one – your color code.

For the color code, I'll need the alphanumerical code thing. I can't, and won't, (re)create a CC based on color names or screenshots. If you don't have the color code already, man up and make it somehow. Make sure to go into source mode and wrap the code in <poem> and </poem> tags for single-spacing. I will extrapolate the color names from the code when I am able to start making bloopers.

And the other main thing is how you want to be portrayed in the videos. Please be much more specific than "dun maek me a bad perssoñ!!!1". Include personality types and traits. Are you usually powerthirsty? shy? silly? downcast? How do you interact with other people – and by extension, characters – and are there any specific interpersonal relationships that are relevant (strong friendships or hatred with certain other people)? Do you have any notable quirks? Mostly I just want this to make sense, but the weller-rounded the portrayal is, the more likely and often I will use your CC for stuff.

I want the range of characters to include a different variety of SM64 guys, characters, friends of mine, and other people, per episode. In addition to any of you guys that get chosen, there will be appearances of Mario and co. as well as some more famous YouTubers, if I can get their approval. So if your CC is confirmed, it may not appear in all of the episodes, and it may not even appear that frequently… which I'll get to next.

What will give you an advantage for having your CC chosen and used? Well first, I should have some idea of who you are. I don't want a bunch of random strangers appearing in any videos I'll make. People I know better will have greater priority and more appearances, simple as that. Second, to avoid spam, most of the proposals I will consider will be from people with accounts. Sorry, contribs. Unless any of you IP-users have a very good idea for a character, I probably won't listen. And finally, I should have all of the information listed above, and have it in full detail where necessary. The last things I want for the bloopers are flat characters who don't do anything and don't have personalities – that's some people's main gripe with SMG4's use of the YouTubers, and I don't want to make that mistake myself.

Now, if this isn't going to start getting into action until next fall, why am I posting this now? …Well, Dec. 4th is the day upon which I reserved my wikia and new Google Account, as well as the day this blog post was made. I want people to start giving ideas as soon as everything is up. And the more time I have to look at stuff and decide and choose what to do, the better :P

So, in accordance with the above, please comment below!