MarioFan, MF7070, MF5050, MF
Gender Male
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Color Code
Overalls Red
Clothes Blue
Gloves Red
Shoes Blue
Face Dark red
Hair Blue

8107EC20 FA00
8107EC22 0000
8107EC24 FA00
8107EC26 0000
8107EC28 FA00
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC2C FA00
8107EC2E 0000
8107EC38 0000
8107EC3A C800
8107EC3C 0000
8107EC3E C800
8107EC40 0000
8107EC42 C800
8107EC44 0000
8107EC46 C800
8107EC50 9600
8107EC52 0000
8107EC54 9600
8107EC56 0000
8107EC58 9600
8107EC5A 0000
8107EC5C 9600
8107EC5E 0000
8107EC68 0000
8107EC6A 9600
8107EC6C 0000
8107EC6E 9600
8107EC70 0000
8107EC72 9600
8107EC74 0000
8107EC76 9600
8107EC80 6400
8107EC82 0000
8107EC84 6400
8107EC86 0000
8107EC88 6400
8107EC8A 0000
8107EC8C 6400
8107EC8E 0000
8107EC98 0000
8107EC9A 6400
8107EC9C 0000
8107EC9E 6400
8107ECA0 0000
8107ECA2 6400
8107ECA4 0000
8107ECA6 6400

MarioFan7070, or MarioFan5050, is a to-be video producer and Super Mario 64 machinimist.

General information

Physical description


MarioFan's clothes are predominantly colored red and blue. He wears red overalls and gloves, and blue shoes, caps and shirts.

Alternate outfits


MarioFan is, in his own words, "the 'psychopath' of the gang, pretty much the crazy one". He acts extremely insane most of the time, spewing out incoherent sentences at random. While MF is on friendly terms with many, there are some people that he despises and will madden ad infinitum. MarioFan has brief moments of outright genius, but he is completely oblivious to these instants and immediately reverts to his ludicrous character.

Powers and abilities





Starman3 (possibly)

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 Appearances [⋮] 
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