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• 3/22/2015


Dear absolutely nobody:

I am rolling out new emoji for the chat because sweg. But now YOU CAN REQUEST YOUR OWN EMOJI!!! :O

Anyone who would like their own emoji added to the repository, please follow these guidelines, upload the image to this wikia, then insert a link to the full-size image (which should by that time be on the vignette server).

Standards for emoji submission:

  • File
    • 19x19 px
    • .PNG filetype, preferably
    • .GIF filetype at a multiple of 6FPS (for animated emoticons)
    • color palette which (in triple-digit hex where nX equals 0, 4, 8, c, or f) all colors can be represented as #nRnGnB
  • Meta
    • appropriate content (i.e. no uncensored dicks or anything… or even censored for that matter)
    • use transparency where possible (hence the .PNG recommendation); for animated emoticons, just fill the empty spaces with the color #f0faff, which is exempt from the color palette limitations
    • KewlGai
      'tis ok to make a representation of something figurative… or even of nothing discernible at all—take KewlGai for example; what he is and why he is are questions to which not even i know the answers
    • dithering and shading are ok, just try not to overdo it if possible
    • CanadaEh
      stick to a bright color scheme and don't have over saturated colors; note how CanadaEh uses a lighter shades of red rather than pure #f00, and light cyan rather than white
  • Naming
    • two-word name suggestion
    • CamelCase
    • be appropriate and use common sense when naming; for example, don't make a submission named "AgentMuffin" and expect me to go along with it and render my name un-type-able in chat
    • PudgyPlumber
      don't have the name be too literal either; Mario's face for instance is named "PudgyPlumber"
    • in-jokes are cool and recommended
  • Tips
    • be kewl
    • have swag

And if u here i liek ur emoji, I might just put it in da chat! HOW EXITING :D kthxbai.

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• 4/21/2015
'ello? anyone?
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